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Hey Everyone sorry for the lack in updates but I've just started a new job at ATT Wireless and have dig deeper into my map which I had to redo after a HD crash (That was a fun day!) I've gotten some emails from people who want to help which is great! I'll be figuring out where to go from there. I'm in talks with my ISP to see about moving the site to there and setuping up a real forum(Like DOD's site)....Also loks like I'm going to have my map out before Xmas! I'm also going to try and make it to the Half-Life Mod Expo in San Francisco and I'll give some feedback on what 2.0 is like. Thats about all for now I've got alot of prefabs sitting here I'm hoping to get online soon. Until then Happy Mapping.
I finally got the nature prefabs section up. I'd also like so to say that I've also started clipping some of the models. Ernst Bigglestein sent me one for the 8 wheeled tank (Thanks!) Eventually all the models will be clipped and ready to use. In other news I finally got my map to compile and run! now I just need to add stuff to hide behind and it'll be set!
Well I've added a Links Section to the site and have started a FAQ on prefabs. I've dug deeper into my map to get it out.
Finally got the all of the prefabs up and available for download. If you find a bad link or have suggestions email me please.
This site is dedicated to helping Day of Defeat mappers find prefabs. I will try to keep the prefabs updated along with making some myself. Also be on the look out for my map coming in early november hopefully.